An Experience Literally Like No Other

Savannah Midgette was part of the first GALS trip in summer 2017. In this blog post, she describes what she saw and what she learned at GALS North Carolina.

GALS was an experience literally like no other. I expected this program to be a camping trip that incorporated science topics, but my expectations were far exceeded.

Before GALS, I had never been backpacking. Learning that I wasn’t going to have running water, indoor plumbing, fresh fruit/vegetables, AC, deodorant, and contact with the outside world was terrifying at first. Once we started the trip and I learned that I was stronger than I thought I was, I forgot about all the things I didn’t have and focused on all that I was given.

I was immediately overwhelmed with the beauty of nature that I had seen only on a small scale before. Hiking on the edge of the woods, camping on a grassy mountain plain, backpacking alongside a river and then sleeping right next to it, and climbing to the top of a mineral mountain made out of quartz was breathtaking. Read more