Trip Leaders 2022

Hello! My name is Emily Marcincavage and I am the GALS 2022 Intern as well as a Wilderness and Curriculum Leader for summer 2022. I am currently at Catawba College majoring in Environment and Sustainability with concentrations in Environmental & Outdoor Education and Environmental Science. I am excited to work with and serve alongside GALS in extending educational opportunities in nontraditional settings and ways.

I am a lover of people, coffee, and anything outdoors. With GALS, I get to share these passions with people that may already have the same passions, or I might be able to share and aid the opportunity to grow new passions. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, playing soccer, and reading (definitely at a coffee shop)!!

I’m super excited to share this experience with everyone and grow together.

Hello! My name is Kelly Thompson, I use she/her pronouns, and I am so excited to be a part of the GALS 2022 program! I am currently studying Parks and Recreation with minors in Geology and Environmental Education at NC State. Basically, I love rocks, and I love being outside! Upon moving to college, I adopted a little black cat named Fish, who I absolutely adore. Although I dedicate most of my free time to Fish, I also have a part-time job at a county park where I help care for five goats and several chickens. This job has also helped me discover a couple of new hobbies like gardening and woodworking. I also enjoy walking on green ways, knitting, and trying new foods!

I didn’t discover my appreciation for the outdoors until after high school, but I would’ve definitely benefited from a program like this in my teen years. GALS is such a unique experience, and I am so excited to help build a community where campers can expand their skills and learn new things! I am most excited to introduce my campers to new environments and help them discover new disciplines that they maybe haven’t been exposed to before (or help them expand their knowledge on their already favorite subjects!!!)  I look forward to meeting everyone this summer, and I cannot wait for the adventure that awaits us!

Hello! My name is Ashley Gath, and I am a wilderness and curriculum leader for 2022! I am currently majoring in Biology with minors in Anthropology and Forensics at NC State. One of my greatest passions is finding ways to extend educational opportunities to as many people as possible, and I am so excited for the unique opportunities being a GALS leader will provide.

I grew up hiking, backpacking, and camping, and have extended my interests and skills working as a trips leader at NCSU. I love everything outdoors and also have a passion for rock climbing, reading, and pottery. I am so excited to learn anything and everything and I cannot wait for this summer!

Hi! My name is Meera Butalia and this will be my second summer working with GALS. I came back to be a Wilderness and Curriculum Leader because I loved experiencing the wilderness with a group of curious, funny, and playful students last year and I look forward to creating community in the woods again!