GALS is a FREE summer science program for high school students to engage with science while overnight camping and backpacking through the wilderness. GALS was created to increase hands-on science opportunities for students who identify as female or gender nonconforming, students of color, students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and other groups underrepresented in fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

During this two week experience, you will learn ecology, earth science, and other topics by exploring your surroundings with local scientists.  This mentally, physically, and academically challenging trip rewards you with a deep understanding of your natural surroundings and your own leadership strengths.

GALS strives to cultivate a passion for environmental science and stewardship, develop leadership abilities, enhance critical thinking skills, and promote teamwork. This program provides you with the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in science and experiential education while immersed in a supportive community of peers.

There are four GALS programs across the country, each sharing the same mission but organized by different universities. See Other GALS Programs at the bottom of the website for more information.

The 2023 GALS NC overnight camping and backpacking trip will take place June 18th-July 1st.

 Find out more about the GALS program here!